Alan Keyes Quotes

"Slums are not born, they are made."

"The fundamental premise of liberalism is the moral incapacity of the American people."

"Our first responsibility is not to ourselves. Our first responsibility is to our country and to our God."

"There's not a single thing on offer in this all-too-temporary world for which you should ever sell your soul."

"The travesty of slavery wasn't physical abuse. It was the moral abuse of looking at a human being as if they are an animal."

"No army exposes all of its lines of supply and all of its resources even to its allies, much less to its potential enemies."

"Christ is the very epitome of innocence, and without the blood of Christ, shed on Calvary, God's plan of salvation would not have been fulfilled."

"How does it secure the blessings of liberty to our posterity, to those generations yet unborn, to kill them, aborting them in the womb?"

"Our leaders will serve the common good with better laws and better actions only when we serve it first, by casting better votes."

"This nation was not, as some would have us believe, a dream of material progress and prosperity and great cities and mountains of money."

"Americans are blessed to live in a regime of liberty, including economic liberty, founded in respect for the principle of equal human dignity as the gift of God, the Creator."

"If the Declaration of Independence states our creed, there can be no right to abortion, since it means denying the most fundamental right of all to the unborn child, the right to life."

"In America, from the beginning, economic liberty, political justice, and shared friendship with God have been understood as compatible, even essentially linked, human goods."

"When a country loses the will to defend its borders, when a country loses the will to assert its identity, when a country loses the will to stand in defense of its way of life, that country is doomed."

"When speaking to the Prophet Jeremiah, The Lord declares, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations." (Jeremiah 1:5)"

"The income tax threatens our liberty in many ways, but surely the most alarming and outrageous is its requirement that we surrender our privacy by exposing all the sources of our income to the government."

"The Declaration of Independence summarizes the civic principles of American life. It agrees with this biblical perspective when it affirms that we are all created equal and endowed by the Creator, God, with our unalienable rights."

"Either you can subscribe to the American creed which says that God endowed us with our rights, or you can subscribe to the abortion creed which says that those rights are the consequences of our mother's will."

"Character is the accumulated confidence that individual men and women acquire from years of doing the right thing, over and over again, even when they don't feel like it."

"Black Americans make up 10 or 11% of the population, but they account now for something of 40 to 45% of all the abortions. This is a privileged position that I'm not sure anyone in their right mind would aspire to."

"I think it's empty to praise the courage of the men and women who have died in the service of this country's freedom and its principles and yet decide that we shall lack the courage to stand up for those principles."

"You can't have it both ways. Either our rights come from God, as our Declaration of Independence says, or they come from human choice. If they come from human choice, then our whole way of life is meaningless, it has no foundation."

"Freedom does not mean doing what you can get away with, doing what you please. It means, instead, having the opportunity to do what you ought to do--for family and for community and for humanity as a whole."

"Every leader, and every regime, and every movement, and every organization that steps across the line to terrorism must be banished from the discourse of civilized human life."

"Under the income tax, the government takes whatever percentage of the earner's income it wants. The income tax therefore represents national surrender to the government of control over all the money we earn."

"It's about time we all faced up to the truth. If we accept the radical homosexual agenda, be it in the military or in marriage or in other areas of our lives, we are utterly destroying the concept of family."

"I frankly don't care if you agree with my stand on abortion. I take that stand because no other stand is consistent with decent principles, and no other standard is consistent with the will of God."

"The greatest harm that can be suffered in the fight against perceived evil and injustice is not physical death or "occupation." It is the death of the conscience and spirit cut off from the nourishment of moral law."

"Bureaucracies are inherently antidemocratic. Bureaucrats derive their power from their position in the structure, not from their relations with the people they are supposed to serve. The people are not masters of the bureaucracy, but its clients."

"The income tax is a twentieth-century socialist experiment that has failed. Before the income tax was imposed on us just 80 years ago, government had no claim to our income. Only sales, excise, and tariff taxes were allowed."

"Preferential affirmative action patronizes American blacks, women, and others by presuming that they cannot succeed on their own. Preferential affirmative action does not advance civil rights in this country."

"In a sense steeped in the blood, sweat, tears and faithfulness of all the generations before us, our fate is still in our own hands. Each ballot we have the right to cast represents a piece of it. We are the landlords here."

"When we, through our educational culture, through the media, through the entertainment culture, give our children the impression that human beings cannot control their passions, we are telling them, in effect, that human beings cannot be trusted with freedom."

"To those who persist in denigrating our founders and their legacy of liberty, I say this: I would rather show respect for that generation which, though born into an era of slavery, planted the seeds of liberty, than to be part of a generation that, born into an era of liberty, plants the seeds of renewed slavery and bondage."

"...[A] prohibition on moral judgments against various sexual behaviors is a violation of the freedom, even of the religious liberty, of those who view such behavior as wrong. If we don't have a right to act according to our religious belief by forming judgments according to those beliefs about human conduct and behavior, then, exactly what does the free exercise of religion mean?"

"When are Christian folks going to remember that every time you call yourself a Christian, you invoke the name of God, and that if you then walk a walk that does not reflect the presence of Christ in your life, cast a vote that does not reflect the presence of Christ in your life, then you are taking the name of the Lord your God in vain?"

"Whether they wear the Democrat or Republican label, political actors who work to erase America's respect for God's authority from America's history and political life promote the destruction of such constitutional limits and the establishment of unbridled socialist tyranny in these United States."

"Socialism isn't about compassion simply because you can't legislate love. If we can somehow get well-meaning Americans of every stripe to ponder this simple fact, common sense will deflate the pretensions of all the socialists and so-called liberals overnight at which point people will have to face the simple truth that Christ just as simply conveyed. Without love, all the works of the law count for nothing. The law can discourage evil. Only hearts truly transformed by the power of love can do true works of compassion."

"To demand that people of biblical faith disregard the substantive import of the male and female forms of human being is therefore to demand that they surrender what the Bible presents, as it were on its first page, as the first premise of the unique relationship between God and humanity. This is not just an attack on religious freedom, it is an effort to cut off the Christian faith at its root and set it on the path of inevitable extinction."

"The first premise of human existence ("in the image and likeness of God created He them") asserts a substantive connection between the way God is and the way human beings appear to be. But without Eve, Adam was not complete. The male and female forms of human being are thus essential to the fulfillment of God's intention, which is that human beings represent the image and likeness of God. The male-female distinction is therefore not an incidental aspect of human appearance. It is a statement about the way God is quite literally the theological premise of human existence."

"The normalization of homosexuality constitutes the cutting edge of this anti-Christian revisioning of right and wrong. It represents the utter rejection of the notion that we exist as part of a God-ordained whole whose nature has authoritative relevance to our understanding of the form and substance of human community. According to this view, such natural features of human existence as the bodily distinction of males from females have no more significance for moral understanding than other merely physical aspects of human appearance, such as skin color or the shape of one's eyes."

"At the time of the founding, God blessed America with some remarkable leaders, who combined outstanding fame, wealth and learning with a deep commitment to the principles on which to build enduring liberty. The Christian moral culture predominant at the time helped to foster an unusual integrity of political thought and conscience. It produced leaders who respected reason and truth enough to hold fast to convictions based upon them, despite the temptations of successful power and ambition."

"In terms of civil rights discrimination, it is wrong to treat sexual orientation like race. Race is a condition beyond the individual's control. Sexual orientation involves behavior especially in response to passion. If we equate sexual orientation and race, we are saying that sexual behavior is beyond the Individual's control and moral will. We cannot embrace such an understanding of civil rights without denying the human moral capacity, and with it the fitness of human beings for life in a free society."

"Tyranny and inequality were not then considered to be unusual or changeable conditions, but our founders were wise, courageous and prudent enough to recognize the truth and plant the seeds of that liberty which would overturn centuries of despotism and become the foundation for a successful struggle, even against the age-old institution of slavery."

"America began with a ringing acknowledgement of the existence and authority of God. It began with the assertion of unalienable rights derived from God's authority. It began with an effort to respect that authority by establishing government based on the premise that all legitimate government aims to secure those God-given unalienable rights and must therefore derive its powers from the free and deliberate consent of the governed. Thus, without reference to "the laws of nature and of nature's God" the constitutional liberty of the American people cannot be understood or sustained."

"In these Obama years, we witness the slumming of America's past, of America's liberty, of America's Constitution, of America's decent pride. But most importantly of all, we witness the slumming of America's respect for God and the idea of justice that accords with God's will. Slyly, insistently, we see the promotion of policies that abandon the self-evident truths the nation was founded on. These truths demand respect for the lives of our nascent offspring. These truths demand respect for the integrity of the natural family. These truths demand respect for individual responsibility in economics and self-government. But in all these respects they are being cast aside."

"Everywhere it has been implemented socialism has required overturning the presumption of innocence that is the bedrock foundation of individual freedom, rightly understood. The American understanding of democratic government is therefore incompatible with "European" or any other brand of socialism. Once we realize this, it becomes clear that the Obama faction cannot implement its socialist agenda without overturning the Constitution of the United States. They must do so with respect to particular provisions that interfere with their agenda (like respect for individual parental rights, the right to keep and bear arms, the right to own property without fear of unlawful confiscation, etc.). They must also do so with respect to the framers' original intention: establishing a government with powers limited by respect for God-ordained rights. As they proceed, we will discover that the velvety socialist Sweden leftists invite us to visit is far different from the iron-hard totalitarian reality in which they will force us to live."

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