Bill O'Reilly Quotes


"global terrorism is no "crime threat." It's war."

"all bigotry is unacceptable in a just society."

"No organization in America enables terrorism as much as the ACLU."

"A warrior's credo is to do his duty with honor and courage."

"But reasonable people understand that fighting fanatical terror killers requires speed and resolve."

"In order for a country to be truly free, people must be responsible and fair-minded."

"Here's the bottom line: If you're offended by Christmas, you have a problem."

"My father always said be thankful for what you have. And make sure you have enough."

"In fact, the biggest boost to the jihadists in America comes from the committed left-wing press."

"All the polls say that most Americans believe as I do: That the traditional signs of Christmas are a good thing."

"The far-left loons and America haters who want us to lose in that country (Iraq) are vile and deserve nothing but scorn."

"The ACLU is a dishonest group that hides behind the First Amendment in order to promote a secular-progressive America."

"Christmas is coming not only to America, but also to the battlefields overseas. Let's all do what we can to help our troops."

"All loyal Americans should help the war on terror effort. We should give to military charities, hire vets, and individually applaud their service."

"You can criticize any group on the issues, but using obscenity and sacrilege to demean perceived opponents should be condemned in no uncertain terms."

"Now, please, can we put this ACLU thing to bed once and for all? This is a far-left advocacy group with no interest in anybody's speech they don't like."

"Many white Americans understand that any disagreement with a person of color could get you branded a racist. People like Jesse Jackson and far-left smear machines like Media Matters making livings off race baiting."

"The hate-Bush crowd simply will never admit anything good can come from the Iraq conflict. These people are bitter, dishonest, and of course, damaging to America."

"Bottom line on this is that there are Americans who despise their country and, increasingly, they are becoming accepted. This makes me queasy. And that comes from the heart."

"Let me ask you this simple question. If you could have dinner with Jane Fonda or Tony Blair, which one would you pick? If each told you something, which one would you tend to believe?"

"So give Jesus a break, enjoy the season no matter how you celebrate it, and be thankful you live in a country where the philosophy of peace on earth, good will toward all people is honored with a federal holiday."

"Defenders of the political Internet sewer say freedom of speech is the issue. But that's a canard. Hate speech is hate speech, whether it's being spewed by some nut wearing a Nazi armband, or some gnome hunched over a keyboard."

"Bottom line is Senator Obama must understand that many white Americans will not engage in race discussions because they fear making a mistake and being called a racist. That is undeniable. And if you still don't buy it, just give liberal icon Geraldine Ferraro a call."

"And while we condemn white racism, many of us are also tired of black race hustlers and the far left smear machines crying racism every two minutes."

"Since the federal government is even having trouble issuing passports to the folks this summer, I am not real optimistic about the feds making sure my health is top notch or instituting any other massive program. Call me crazy."

"Here's the bottom line: If you're offended by Christmas, you have a problem. See somebody or tough it out. But enough with the petty nonsense. When Christmas images have to be decided by the Supreme Court, you know things are out of control."

"Unfortunately, many of our leaders are not being honest about the new world. Machines are changing everything from labor to emotions to behavior. This is not your grandfather's country anymore."

"The high-tech age requires a high degree of skill in something. Gone are the assembly line days when Americans could make a decent leaving just by showing up. Now machines do the mundane work. A person has to be skillful in order to make money."

"The truth is that much of the world doesn't want to confront the jihad, doesn't care how many brutal dictators commit mass murder, and in fact doesn't care about anything but themselves. They sip their lattes and pontificate about a world they know nothing about. They play down the danger from Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas and Iran. They believe America is the primary evil in the world."

"Their point of view is dangerous and is not backed up by the facts. According to Senate testimony, waterboarding has only been used three times since 9/11. And if the government has illegally tapped a U.S. citizen, we don't know about it. It hasn't come to light."

"But the notion of the federal government as a nanny state is a frightening one. This isn't Sweden with eight million people. America, with 300 million citizens, is the most powerful nation on earth because of competition and individual achievement, not because of a benevolent and intrusive federal bureaucracy."

"if U.S. intel cannot zero in on communications immediately, then crucial information will be lost. Everybody knows that. All surveillance should be catalogued and reviewed by a federal judge after the fact, and any abuse of surveillance should be a felony."

"We Americans are asking our military to protect us from vicious terrorists who murder at will. But often we are not willing to give these brave men and women the benefit of the doubt. There is no way the USA will win the war on terror if this nonsense continues."

"Socialism is loosely defined as government distribution of services and goods. In the wish fulfillment catalog of the far-left, that means the feds would, among other things, run the health care industry, control corporate behavior and profits, and provide significant entitlements to those Americans deemed to need them."

"The strategy here is obvious. Any republican who dares mention God or faith on the campaign trail will be vilified as full of "fetid hypocrisy" if the man has ever done anything wrong in his entire life. Using this tactic, the secular American media hope to get any faith-based issues out of the campaign."

"Here's a Christmas story that may make you cry, but not for sentimental reasons. The town of Great Barrington, Massachusetts, population 7,000, has ordered a curfew on "holiday" lights this season because of Global Warming."

"Playing hypothetical games with people's lives is unacceptable. In a perfect world, a noble nation like the USA would not need to submerge killers in water. But thousands of dead Americans have changed the rules. To allow captured killers wearing civilian clothing and fighting for no nation the privilege of name, rank, and serial number status is not only stupid, it could be lethal."

"On the economic front, Americans without education and discipline are getting hammered, and things will get worse for the underclass. Our society is now extremely competitive, and plenty of children will be left behind if their parents are morons or act irresponsibly. And there's nothing any politician can do to stop that."

"Ah, Sweden, a country of nine million people enjoying, perhaps, the most "progressive" political system on earth. The quasi-socialistic government provides cradle-to-grave entitlements, most people never get married, and just about anything goes socially. By the way, about 85% of Swedes do not believe in God."

"But all Americans should think very deeply about the issue and how to defeat an enemy that's been badly damaged by aggressive American action, but not taken out. The left often lives in a theoretical world, but I live in a real world. Winning wars requires discipline and tough action. Pass the word to the left."

"But reasonable people understand that fighting fanatical terror killers requires speed and resolve. So why are these senators so opposed? All of them are liberal thinkers. Some like Durbin and Leahy, very far out there on the left. That group believes the War on Terror has been used to erode your civil liberties. And there is as much danger from overzealous terror warriors as from the terrorists themselves."

"Twenty-eight Democratic senators voted against coerced interrogation of captured terror suspects and warrantless surveillance of overseas phone calls made to suspected terrorist locations. That means that these senators want only Army Field Manual interrogation procedures, which would allow only psychological interrogation, and want to ban immediate listening of terrorist communications. Do you feel safer because of that?"

"As one of the lead players in defending the traditions of Christmas in the public arena, I must say that I am tired of it all. It's just so dumb. There is no need to deny students a Nativity display. Don't they get enough bad stuff? How about some nice stuff? I mean, how threatening and offensive can a baby, two loving parents, and three wise men really be?"

"If all Americans were like my dad, the following things would happen. First, Starbucks would go bankrupt. Spaghetti joints would replace the overpriced coffee houses. There would be no sign of Bentley automobiles. Costco would rule from coast to coast. Nobody would pay ten bucks to see a movie except if Clint Eastwood returned as Dirty Harry. Any restaurant with "fusion" on the menu would be empty. No one would ever eat "gelato." Ever."

"The ACLU opposes allowing the feds to have floating wiretaps that would monitor cell phone conversations of suspected terrorists. It opposes American civilians assisting the border patrol you remember the ACLU went to Arizona to monitor the Minutemen . It opposes profiling of suspected terrorists. It opposes military tribunals to try captured terrorists. It opposes coerced interrogations of captured terrorists. It has demanded that more pictures of Americans abusing prisoners at Abu Ghraib ( be released, knowing that would help Al Qaeda recruitment."

Compiled by Thomas George