David Cameron Quotes

Quotes by David Cameron

"Family, community, country."

"My values are Conservative values."

“we are all human and we err and stray.”

"The ambition to spread democracy is noble and just."

"terrorism cannot be appeased - it has to be defeated."

"You know the best welfare system of all, it's called the family."

"Anti-Americanism represents an intellectual and moral surrender."

"The more that we as a society do, the less we will need government to do."

"We will not defeat the terrorists unless we cut off their life support systems."

"I believe that government’s main economic duty is to ensure sound money and low taxes."

"stronger families and a more responsible society - is so vital for the future of our country."

Liberty grows from the ground - it cannot be dropped from the air by an unmanned drone.

"Globalisation will help poorer countries become richer, it will help them close the gap with the richer world."

"So when it comes to the special relationship with America, Conservatives feel it, understand it and believe in it."

"It takes longer to build a democracy than the time it takes to draw up and sign a constitution or a declaration of independence."

"I don't just want to give people a tax cut, I want to give people a time increase, time for many families is the most precious commodity of all,"

"there is no list of demands we can accept and no group of terrorists we could meet and negotiate with - even if we wanted to - to stop the attacks."

"Every generation of Conservatives has to make the argument all over again for free enterprise, for freedom, for responsibility, for limited government"

"I think if we give people more power and control over their lives, I think they'll take the right decisions, they will grow stronger and society will grow stronger too."

"I don't believe in an ever larger state doing more and more, I believe in trying to make people do more themselves for their families and with society as well."

"We've got a tax system that doesn't recognise marriage and we've got a benefit system that actually recognises any form of co-habitation, any form of commitment and penalises it."

"A government that believes in people, that trusts people, that knows its ultimate role is not to take from people but to give, to give power, to give control, to give everyone the chance to make the most of their own life and make better the lives of others."

"If you think about it, what's the best organisation at bringing up children, at helping us with the right values, helping us get on with life, looking after us if we are sick of disabled, caring for the elderly, it's the family."

"I believe that if we really want to tackle crime, if we really want to make our society stronger then you have got to make families stronger and society more responsible and to me that word responsibility really means something."

"The truth is, it's not just that big government has failed to solve these problems. Big government has all too often helped cause them by undermining the personal and social responsibility that should be the lifeblood of a strong society."

"I find it extremely troubling how many people - not just in countries affected by war and instability, but here in the west, here in Britain regard America not as a beacon of freedom and a pro-democracy superpower, but as the world's worst power."

"The ambition to spread democracy is noble and just. But it cannot be quickly achieved to suit a political timetable. Because it takes time, it cannot easily be imposed from outside. Liberty grows from the ground - it cannot be dropped from the air by an unmanned drone."

"I know the British people and they are not passengers – they are drivers. I've seen the courage of our soldiers, the spirit of our entrepreneurs, the patience of our teachers, the dedication of our doctors, the compassion of our care workers, the wisdom of our elderly, the love of our parents, the hopes of our children."

"So we need business to be responsible in the way they market to children, in the way they treat their employees, in the way they encourage family life - all of those things will help us to get tax and regulation down for the long term good of our economy and that is the modern Conservative change for this new world of freedom."

"The old way of doing things: the high-spending, all-controlling, heavy-handed state, those ideas were defeated. Statism lost ... society won. That's what happened at the last election and that's the change we're leading. From state power to people power. From unchecked individualism to national unity and purpose. From big government to the big society."

"My values are Conservative values. Many people wrongly believe that the Conservative Party is all about freedom. Of course we care passionately about freedom from oppression and state control. That’s why we stood up for Georgia and wasn’t it great to have the Georgian Prime Minister with us here, speaking today? But freedom can too easily turn into the idea that we all have the right to do whatever we want, regardless of the effect on others. That is libertarian, not Conservative - and it is certainly not me."

"For me, the most important word is responsibility. Personal responsibility. Professional responsibility. Civic responsibility. Corporate responsibility. Our responsibility to our family, to our neighbourhood, our country. Our responsibility to behave in a decent and civilised way. To help others. That is what this Party is all about. Every big decision; every big judgment I make: I ask myself some simple questions. Does this encourage responsibility and discourage irresponsibility? Does this make us a more or less responsible society? Social responsibility, not state control. Because we know that we will only be a strong society if we are a responsible society."

"I have some simple beliefs.That there is such a thing as society, it's just not the same thing as the state. That there is a 'we' in politics, and not just a 'me.' Above all, the importance of family. That fierce sense of loyalty you feel for each other. The unconditional love you give and receive, especially when things go wrong or when you get it wrong. That powerful sense you have when you hold your children and there's nothing, absolutely nothing — you wouldn't do to protect them. This is my DNA: family, community, country. These are the things I care about. They are what made me. They are what I'm in public service to protect, promote and defend. And I believe they are what we need in Britain today more than ever."

Compiled by Thomas George