Newt Gingrich Quotes

“You can't trust anybody with power.”

"Americans cannot negotiate wilt al Qaeda."

"Hope lies, as it always has, in the American people."

"I don't care who you are, I care who you want to be."

"America is a great country with good people living in it "

"The welfare state reduces the poor from citizens to clients."

"We must replace the welfare state with an opportunity society."

"We need patriotic education. We need to reinstate U.S. history."

"We are the richest society in history, and that's why dreams matter."

"Peace through strength will work. Peace through weakness is impossible."

"Without personal responsibility there cannot be freedom. It is just that simple."

"reactionary Islam is our strategic competitor and al Qaeda is merely a symptom."

"France and the United Nations did not defeat communism, the United States did."

“We're all human and we all goof. Do things that may be wrong, but do something.”

"Generally, liberals neither understand nor believe in the constitutional right to bear arms."

"national security really matters because if you lose the country everything else is gone."

"The Bill of Rights was designed to protect freedom of religion not freedom from religion."

“Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.”

"America is too big, too diverse, and too free to be run by bureaucrats sitting in office buildings in one city."

"More than any other country in history America has been committed to the spirit of invention and discovery."

"American conservatism at its best has always been focused on individuals, families and communities, not government."

"It is false to suggest that Thomas Jefferson or any other Founding Father believed in a legal barrier to God in the public square."

"our rights come from our Creator and it is impossible to define America if you do not talk in public about where your rights come from."

"One of the great debates of the near future will be individual versus group rights. It is a debate that must end decisively in favor of the individual."

"Precisely because our rights are endowed by our Creator, the individual burden of responsibility borne by each citizen is greater than in any other country."

"By blaming everything on “society,” contemporary liberals are really trying to escape the personal responsibility that comes with being an American."

"It's not the idea of owning five mansions. It's the idea that if I have property the king can't take from me, I have control of my life that the king can't compete with."

"we should have two requirements for citizenship. You have to learn American history and pass a test about America, and you have to do it in English."

"the definition of modern conservatism, which Ronald Reagan achieved, focused on spreading freedom across the planet."

"the American mission is to help everybody in the planet in the next half-century achieve safety, health, prosperity, and freedom."

"Abortion is a very, very important moral question and I think it’s a very important question about the very nature of society."

"Look, the one thing we do know is that bureaucracy is not compassionate, that bureaucracy has not worked, that bureaucracy has not delivered."

"You show me a judge who thinks we don't have the right to say, "one nation under God" and I'll show you somebody who shouldn't sit in the Federal court."

“You have to give the press confrontations. When you give them confrontations, you get attention; when you get attention, you can educate.”

"According to the theory of the melting pot, if people had wanted to remain immersed in their old culture, they could have done so without coming to America."

"Group rights trap us within our own group. Each association is measured by genes rather than compatibility. Group rights would constitute America into a seething band of competing legally defined groups maneuvering against one another for governmentally imposed special privileges."

"The classic American is an independent, self-reliant, hard-working, honest person of no great wealth or social status who nonetheless has good sense, great courage, and a fierce love of country."

"One of the most important concepts of the countercultural left is the idea of an all-powerful “society.” In their view “society” is always responsible for everything. If people murder and rape, it isn’t their fault, it’s the fault of “society.”

"America has never been a theocracy or a nation of saints. While God is central to our sense of national mission and destiny and personal faith is at the heart of the American experience, we have also been a nation of sinners and sin."

"True compassion is measured by our own good works, not by how many tax dollars we spend to support a failed federal bureaucracy. We've learned that the only way to truly help people is to empower them to help themselves."

"There are elements on this planet that are actively seeking weapons of mass destruction for the purpose of using them. They speak as openly as Adolph Hitler did about their desire to kill us and we should honor them by believing they're sincere,"

"We have 6,000 years of written historical experience in the Judeo-Christian tradition. We know the rules that work. We know that learning, study, working, saving, and commitment are vital. That is why Republicans would replace welfare with work."

"If you go to the Lincoln Memorial, the Second Inaugural is probably the most religious speech ever given by an American President. In its 732 words, it references God 14 times and has two verses of the Bible."

"When the founding fathers pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor they meant it literally. The consequence of defeat would be ignoble hanging. Compare that level of personal commitment and self assumed responsibility with the self-pity of the whiners we so often hear today."

"Refuting the liberal strategy is quite easy. Washington and New York have the most stringent gun-control laws in the nation. In both cities every crime committed with a gun is already illegal. In almost every case, the very possession of the gun is already illegal. If gun control worked, should New York and Washington be quiet, peaceful cities?"

"If the average taxpayer had a list of the ten weirdest courses their tax money was funding at their state university, they would ask for a refund. It’s not just that their money is being wasted. It is used to subsidize bizarre and destructive visions of reality. People are paying to have their own children miseducated."

“It is impossible to maintain civilization with 12-year-olds having babies, with 15-year-olds killing each other, with 17-year-olds dying of AIDS and with 18-year-olds getting diplomas they can't read”

"When you look seriously at weapons of mass murder, biological weapons are more dangerous to the 21st Century than nuclear weapons."

"The Romans had a simple rule: if you want peace, prepare for war. George Washington echoed the same theme as the result of his lifetime struggle for the cause of freedom. Peace through strength will work. Peace through weakness is impossible."

"Precisely because our rights are endowed by our Creator, the individual burden of responsibility borne by each citizen is greater than in any other country. This is why our new-found sense of entitlement and of victimization is exactly wrong – and so corrosive to the American spirit."

"You want to emphasize the opportunity inherent in every person, rather than their victimization, because victimization leads to passivity, to grievance and to helplessness and is exactly the wrong psychology if you're poor."

“A mere forty years ago, beach volleyball was just beginning. No bureaucrat would have invented it, and that's what freedom is all about.”

"The idea that a congressman would be tainted by accepting money from private industry or private sources is essentially a socialist argument.”

"What has made America great is if you're willing to come here, work hard, obey the rules, and have big dreams, you enrich us and we enrich you, and we integrate more people from more societies than any nation in the history of the world."

"We must replace the welfare state with an opportunity society. Every American is entitled to a life filled with opportunity. After all, we are endowed by are Creator with certain inalienable rights, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

"The fact that America speaks does not mean that America dictates. America does have every right to stand up for what America is all about – that every person on this planet is endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

"it is a complete misreading of the 14th Amendment to suggest that the fact that you illegally touched American soil gives you all the protections of the Constitution, and unless we pay for your lawyer and give you 9 years to fight, it's not fair. If you're here illegally, why are we pretending you're here legally?"

“All free people stand on Reagan's shoulders. His principled policies proved that free markets create wealth, that the rule of law sustains freedom, and that all people everywhere deserve the right to dream, to pursue their dreams, and to govern themselves.”

"For two generations, we have raised the taxes on working families so that the second spouse has no choice but to go to work almost entirely to pay the families taxes. And then we talk about latchkey kids when it is the very liberal politicians that raise the taxes who created the latchkey."

"The Left tells you about the Constitution every time they want to restrict your rights. If you want to put up a monument to the Ten Commandments, the Left says that’s against the Constitution. As long as the Left dominates, the only time the Constitution is cited is when they are restricting your rights…."

"Progress with humans comes slowly, one person or one family at a time. It requires a personal relationship that no impersonal government bureaucracy can ever deliver."

"When evil people tell you they want to do evil things, the safest thing is to believe them and that means this is war to the end: One side will win, one side will lose. And I have a very clear sense, I pick we win, they lose."

"I am a Theodore Roosevelt Republican. I believe in free markets within a regulatory environment. So I like having McDonald's and Wendy's compete, but I want the water to be drinkable and the hamburger to be beef. And I'm prepared to sanction the government to ensure that."

"weapons of mass destruction - biological, chemical, and nuclear - are going to change everything in the 21st century and nobody has really come to grips yet with the degree to which we are not dealing with asymmetric warfare,"

"America is about a dynamic, shifting, mobile world of opportunity where everyone has a chance to build a better mousetrap or bake a bigger pie. Group rights is a concept that fits a static world in which limited resources have to be carefully allocated by government."

"For 35 years the political and intellectual elite's of political correctness have undermined the coral values of American history so our young people may not know who George Washington is or they may not know who Abraham Lincoln is, but they do know what MTV is, and that is not progress, that is decadence, and we should say it bluntly."

"Now, tell me how you're going to teach the history of Jefferson, and cut out all those quotes and cut out all these facts, and cut out the key line of the Declaration of Independence: We are endowed by our Creator. I mean you have to have a conscious deliberate censorship of America, which is what the left and the courts and the classrooms has had for 40 years."

"So when people tell you, oh, you can't have the Ten Commandments on public property, they're just wrong. It's historically false. It's not true. Now, you can decide to invent a new America in which you shouldn't say "one nation under God" as part of the pledge because, after all, you will offend three atheists. But that's not the America you inherited. That's a different country. And I think it's a weaker country and I think it's a country that has no roots in terms of where its rights come from."

"So the idea that liberal Democrats, that Nancy Pelosi and others have, that if only we had a big tax increase, that would help things, is exactly wrong. First of all, I think it would lead to a recession and there would be fewer jobs and lower income. Second, it would just feed big government. This government has more than enough money to do everything it needs to do, and the challenge is to fundamentally overhaul it."

"The Declaration of Independence says we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, among with are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Notice, unlike the welfare state it doesn't guarantee happiness, it doesn't offer happiness stamps, it doesn't suggest the government should pay therapy for those who have not yet found happiness."

"The U.S. was founded by a group of political leaders who signed a document which says, “We are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights.” That means that all of your political rights come from God and you then loan some of your power to the State which is why the Constitution begins, “We, the People of the United States.”

"One of the great debates of the near future will be individual versus group rights. It is a debate that must end decisively in favor of the individual. Our Declaration of Independence tells us we are “endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights.” If our rights are inalienable, they clearly belong to us as individuals. They cannot be taken away by government because our Creator outranks the government. Similarly, neither can they be taken away by any group."

"Well, I think it’s pretty clear in the original document, the Declaration of Independence of the Founding Fathers, that we are endowed by our Creator certain inalienable rights which are the rights of liberty, life and the pursuit of happiness. And I think what every listener needs to understand is that in the minds of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and the people who wrote that document, they literally meant that your rights come from God, that you then loan them to the government, which is why the Declaration of Independence begins “We the people…”. And therefore if we drive God out of the public square we drive out the source of our own rights and our own source of power."

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