Savitrie Quotations

"I am a friend of God."

"I'm not in this for myself."

"Give no place to the devil."

"You have to serve selflessly."

"Let the Bible be your guide."

"There is power in submission."

"God has a way of doing things."

"Whatever God says I do - I do!"

"You want to go places with God."

"Live Holy. God demands holiness."

"You have to know the spirit of God."

"Timing is everything with the Lord."

"The Holy Spirit - He is your great teacher."

"God has called me into the deliverance ministry."

"In order to encounter God - you need a clean heart."

"Have a clean heart before God - truly a clean heart."

"God has blessed me with so much that I give it away."

"I call on God - I say God - you got to help me with this."

"When you don't submit to God - your life becomes chaos."

"Right now the devil is plotting and planning your demise."

"We have a call in our lives - we have things to do for Jesus."

"Let the Bible be your guide - nothing else but the Word of God."

"You be the one to stand and break that curse over your children."

"I pray that the Holy Spirit will make you drink out of the well of living water."

"You can't be taking care of people hoping people are going to help you back."

"Know that God has a great great plan for you and do what He called you to do."

"God speaks to you through His Word, the Holy Spirit and through your pastor"

"You cannot please God if you are living in the flesh - you must live in the spirit."

"In the Christian life you can't be fake - because the devil will beat you up so bad."

"When God speaks to me strong about something and you obey - the blessings flow."

"There is power in submission. More than you can imagine - because Jesus submitted to the Father. Nevertheless - not my will - but thy will be done."

"One thing we have to get out of our mind is malice, evil thinking. In order to get that encounter with God. Your mind has to be a mind of Christ. That's what the Word of God says. Think like a child. Think on things that are lovely."


Compiled by Thomas George