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"Let love replace hate in your life."

"Immoral acts are selfish endeavors."

"It is never too late to find salvation!"

"It is never too late to seek redemption"

"God bless America! Have I offended anyone?"

"Love is the greatest word you will ever know."

"If you subtract love from life - what do you have?"

"Make love not war - except with ruthless dictators!"

"The greatest cause of poverty in America is immorality."

"The best cure for the economy is to boycott liberalism!"

"If life is not about love- then tell me what is it about?"

"Liberals love Clinton and say Bush isn't credible - that's incredible!"

-"It is better to be an flawed diamond than a perfect piece of coal."

"You may live for today - but remember eternity is for a very long time."

"Life is more than about life- it is about what is going to happen after your life."

"Liberals bash George Bush and embrace France- that is all you need to know!"

"By helping yourself- you help your family, your community and your country!"

"People learn to hate and to love- it is the teacher that determines everything."

"Do you know what the definition of spin is? When Democrats call Republicans extremists!"

"I have yet to find the word entitlement program in the definition of freedom or in the Constitution."

"Liberals believe that if it feels good - do it. Conservatives believe that if it is good - do it!"

"There is freedom, independence, liberty, wealth and then there is entitlements. The choice is yours!"

"The most difficult road to take is the one that requires perseverance; however, it is the road that leads to success."

"It is true that bad things happen to good people. However, on the average, really bad things happen to bad people."

"If the end of a life is determined by a heartbeat- then the beginning of life should also be determined by a heartbeat!"

"Have you noticed who criticizes America and George Bush the most- terrorists, dictators, France, defense lawyers and liberals!"

"Do you think that your only obligation to America is to live and work here? Contribute- make it a better place!"

"Those of you that say that George Bush is a criminal are now in the same company as Saddam Hussein."

"Liberals say George W. Bush is dumb- well at least he graduated from Harvard- Ted Kennedy - the liberal's hero- was expelled from Harvard his sophomore year for cheating."

"If America abandons the effort to spread freedom in Iraq- then our soldiers that died there- died in vain. Let the terrorists die in vain.."

"Liberals block the building of new power plants and the drilling for oil in Alaska, vote for a liberal and your future will be dark!"

"There is Godly wisdom and earthly wisdom - of which - Godly wisdom is the higher and without it - earthly wisdom is pointless."

"When it comes down to it - relationships are the basis for everything- whether it is between atoms, love for one another or love for God."

"Immigrants come to America and celebrate their heritage to show pride for the countries they left behind. I was born in America and I never left America. I am proud to be an American!"

"You have to fail before you succeed in life. There is not a person reading this that did not fall before they learned to walk."

"It is true that the overwhelming majority of the youth in America are liberal. What are the characteristics of youth? They are inexperience, not sophisticated, immaturity, emotional and uninformed. You only loose these characteristics through time and experience, which is also when you become more conservative."

"When you feel tired and you think that you are old - think of Ronald Reagan who first ran for President at the age of 69."

"When you look back upon your life- you will realize that your worst and most ill-informed decisions were made during your youth. Please note that this is when you were your most liberal!

"What do Liberals defend most? Gay marriage, higher taxes, welfare, abortions, preferential treatment based on race, the United Nations determining the defense of the U.S. and dictators. Is this the America that you want?"

"To all the liberals that have said that they are going to leave the country because President Bush was re-elected- Please Go!"

"Why must the United States remain strong? It has been proven throughout history that the most evil in society pick on the weakest in society!"

"The truth is that the greatest cause of poverty in America is not due to cuts in social programs, tax cuts for the rich, lack of opportunity or discrimination- it is immorality."

"Conservatives see the world as good versus evil. Liberals see the world as Caucasian versus African American or the rich versus the poor? How do you see the world?"

"You can help some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not help all of the people all of the time."

"If you replace the word conservative with a minority group, gays or women in some of the angry speech from liberals directed toward conservatives - it would be considered a hate crime."

"To understand the difference in thinking between conservatives and liberals - a conservative sees a murderer and sees a murderer, a liberal sees a murderer and sees a victim."

"State government will give free money (welfare) to able bodied citizens and then charge citizens money to take a state license exam in order to work- what is wrong with this picture?"

"If you don't think America is the greatest country in the world- then leave- because you really don't belong here!"

"The difference between liberalism and conservatism. A liberal obtains votes when more people are in poverty and a Conservative obtains votes when more people escape poverty!"

"Liberals don't want conservatives to impose morality on others, but they say they want to help those in poverty. Don't they know that immorality is the major cause of poverty in America?"

"The real difference between President Bush and President Clinton- Bush is using the Justice Department to fight terrorism- Clinton used the Justice Department to fight Microsoft!"

"Bush has to deal with Iraqi's loyal to Saddam who want to sabotage his efforts in Iraq and also Democrats who want to sabotage his efforts at home!"

"Liberals are for health care for every person in America. Please note that this means health care for drug dealers, drug addicts, gang members, criminals, murderers and rapists."

"There is an answer to the question of whether illegal aliens should be allowed to obtain a driver's license--- it is called public transportation."

"Liberals are worried about what the rest of the world thinks of America. The rest of the world should be worried about what America thinks of them."

"If you don't believe in trickle down economics - then how do you explain John Kerry's lifestyle after he married Tereza Heinz Kerry?"

"Sorry- I disagree with the term African-American. I am not an Italian American, Greek American or anything else....I am an American!"

"Democrats appoint people to office based on what they achieved in Government. Conservatives appoint people based on what they have achieved outside of government."

"George Bush did not cause the loss of two million American jobs- it happened in the first two months after the attack on September 11, 2001!"

"Here is a question to ask liberals that blame President Bush for a loss of jobs in America. What was worse for the economy and the loss of jobs- the attacks on 9/11 or George W. Bush being elected President? Their answer will tell you everything that you need to know!"

"Even if the Democrats were right on every other issue- I could never support a group that endorsed the ending of an innocent babies life as it was being born. The Democratic Party supports partial birth abortion and I will never compromise my values on this issue."

"There are some people that stay in abusive relationships and there are some people that want to live under the rule of a dictator, however- that should not stop those that do not want either!"

"Liberals blame George Bush for American jobs going overseas, when it is actually caused by the over-regulation and higher taxes enacted by liberals!"

"To understand the mindset of a liberal politician, you must answer the question of how many people on welfare vote Republican!"

"Liberals believe that the only way to reduce the federal deficit is to raise taxes or cut government spending. This shows their ignorance and lack of understanding of how the economy works. If tomorrow 20 million new jobs are created- the federal deficit reduces because 20 million more people are paying taxes and yet taxes weren't raised and government spending wasn't cut."

"Liberal intentions always have the opposite affect! California is the most liberal of places and yet it is the most unaffordable of places!"

"Throughout the course of history and still today- conservatives have sacrificed their party for the good of the country- liberals have sacrificed the good of the country for the sake of their party."

"After a crushing defeat in the 2004 elections - liberals now say that they share the moral mainstream values of Americans. Sorry - when you support partial birth abortion, gay marriage and removing the word God from the Pledge of Allegiance - you don't!"

"Howard Dean (a millionaire) boasted during his speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention that he accepted a contribution from a disabled woman that scraped together $50.00. Is this something to boast about?"

"John Kerry says that as President he will provide health care to all Americans and accomplish many other great things. Senator Kerry- you have been in the Senate for 20 years. As a Senator- don't you know that you have the ability to author legislation?"

"Some liberals are talking about impeaching Bush for invading Iraq! Impeach Bush for liberating 25 million people and ridding the world of a ruthless dictator. This would be the equivalent of impeaching someone who rid the world of Hitler or impeaching Lincoln for ending slavery!"

"With respect to governing- any Republican is better than any Democrat - anytime!"

"During the 2000 Presidential election, Democrats were trying to disqualify U.S. Military votes while welcoming the votes of convicted felons. That tells me all I need to know."

"We have become so politically correct that we cannot do or say anything to offend anyone. Well- let me tell you what offends me- liberalism offends me!"

"Liberals say Republicans are pro-business and anti-environment. Yet- in the same breath liberals will say that they are better for the economy!"

"If liberals had their way- the US would look like California. There would be high taxes, businesses leaving, unaffordable living, soaring spending on social programs, entitlements for illegal immigrants and lack of development of energy resources."

"Here is a summary of every upcoming democratic debate. More welfare! Higher taxes! Reduce military spending! Increase social spending! Legalize- partial birth abortions! Stop the death penalty! Yes - for affirmative action! Yes- for reparations! The war in Iraq was unjust!"

"The President of Liberia Charles Taylor, an indicted war criminal, blamed George W. Bush for having to leave office! Another Bush victory!"

"Liberals protested the war in Iraq, because they said innocent people will die. Why aren't liberals protesting driving? More innocent people died driving their cars than died in that war. I would state that freedom is a right and a cause worth dying for and driving is a privilege and is not!"

"Clinton created millions of jobs? The Internet created millions of jobs. Clinton squandered those jobs when he used the Justice Department to break up Microsoft."

"When people inherit or are given things it is human nature not to appreciate them as much as if they were worked for. Just look at the majority of lottery winners... most lose their fortunes within a few years. We inherited freedom. If we do not protect and cherish it- we will lose that fortune as well."



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